Saturday, March 13, 2010

Popular Puppy is Boring...Really!

So in the beginning wherever we went, people would swoon over Jake saying how cute he is and asking what breed he is. Each person took about 2 minutes of my time, give or take. What I want to know is when that will stop! At first I must say it was fun. I loved telling the whole story of Jake and letting him get a little socialization, but now I just want to get places. Jake has caused me to meet some interesting people… Petco worker who uncomfortably knows where I live because he watches me walk my dog and informed me of this, a very negative woman who we met on a walk who I think has had every terrible thing in this world happen to her and she shared it within the first 5 minutes of me meeting her, and lastly a guy on the trail who asked me to come over to his house because he has a Siberian husky and his roommate has a German shepherd and that would be so cool. Right umm I don’t go home with strangers. Gosh… why did my parents have to teach me that! I have tried everything to get people to stop talking to me when I take Jake on walks such as walking fast and making no eye contact, plugging in my ipod, and carrying a mean look on my face. Nothing works, people will interrupt me and make me stop to talk to them. Of course Jake doesn’t help, as soon as he sees someone coming, he loosens his face, wags his butt (that’s right, not just his tail but his whole butt), and sticks his ears back to make him look as adorable as can be. I counted how many times I had to stop for people on my walk today… Fifteen times! So if I average about 2 minutes for each person or set of people I stop for, that is 30 minutes out of our hour and a half walk just on socializing. Sometimes they don’t even pet him, they just want to talk. Oh and did I forget to mention that Jake struggles on walks, I have to drag him half the time. Luckily we are starting training next week so hopefully she will have some guidance on this. So my advice for anyone who is looking into getting a puppy…don’t get one that is too cute J

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