Thursday, March 25, 2010

No eating in the house

So Jake doesn’t like it when we eat. In fact if we do not time his eating with our eating perfectly, we will have the music of Jake’s barking throughout the entire meal. We have tried several things including completely ignoring him, but he still barks. Jake even has three or four different barks. Some are playful and some mean business. Some sound like he is a puppy and some sound like he is a huge dog. He usually uses the puppy one for when we are eating and the huge dog one for the bathtub. Yes Jake barks at the bathtub. This interesting occurrence is still a mystery to us. Is there something on the bathtub that he can’t reach so he just barks at it? Or does he just not like the idea of the bathtub because it is somewhere we go every day where he can see us but not reach us? Those theories are nice but I prefer to think that he barks at the bathtub because he thinks it is a huge water bowl that won’t fill up high enough for him to get a drink.

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  1. Capri doesn't like it when I am in the bath either... she will whine and whine and whine at me. My response to this is usually to put my hand out so she can sniff it and lick the water off and that might apease her for a bit but then back to the whining.... it is a mystery. I think should should make a top ten list of questions you would ask Jake if they suddenly made collars that allowed dogs to speak people language- like in UP!...